5 Graceful Dancing Facts

Dancing is an activity that dates back in the ancient times to the modern era. Dancing has evolved from simple moves to complex moves that are portrayed by the different types of dancing. Below are 5 Graceful Dancing Facts:

1. Dancing is part of worshipping among some religions such as the Hindu and Buddhists. Christians also dance but not as serious as the Hinduism and Buddhism. The two religions have dancing figures in the temples and shrines.

2. The German navy and army came up with a law that no officer in the army or navy was supposed to be seen dancing the tango. Punishment was to be given to such personnel.

3. African slaves who were being transported from Brazil were not supposed to practice martial arts. They, therefore, came up with the ‘capoeira’-a dance form that combined fighting and dancing. It was a reflection of the urge for freedom.

4. It is supposedly believed that choreographers and dancers are affected by divorce issues. The profession ranks higher than massage therapists and bartenders. It is a fact that people believe in, but no studies have been verified on the same.

5. In South Africa, the miners at the gold mines were not supposed to talk. They could, therefore, communicate by slapping their gumboots and stomping their feet. This led to the creation of the dance known as ‘gumboot.’

Dance is used to spice up songs. Some musicians also go an extra mile to invent their own dance styles to fit their songs. The late Michael Jackson was the creator of the dance know as moonwalk. It was for his song ‘Thriller’ released in the 1980s.

Dance is an art that carries so many facts that can not just be exhausted in a day. This is because music grows day after day. New dances are created daily.