HOW TO BECOME A BETTER DANCER (Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Social Dancing...)

You are a dancer. You are a professional or an amateur. You put a lot of effort and passion into your training and practice. So you know how to become a better dancer working with your instructor or coach.

There are, however, cartain areas in your dancing that seem to be difficult to handle. For example, the stage fright before ballroom dance competitions, ballet recitals, or any other shows in your genre of dance. You have worked on these issues, but you are not exactly where you want to be.

What if I told you that there is a method that can help you to become a better dancer, to reach peak performance in dancing in a natural and easy way (and it has nothing to do with more training).

- When you dance, you sometimes feel physical pain or discomfor
- You love to dance in public, for example in professional productions, ballroom dance competitions, or just for fun - but you have this stressful stage fright every time
- There are little voices in your head, called limiting beliefs, that are in the way of you becoming a better dancer  (" You are just not good enough", "you will never learn this", "you are a failure")
- You are often flooded with painful, negative emotions, like frustration, anger, fear of being visible, disappointment
- You have "bad habits" on the dance floor or stage (like a weak frame), or issues with your body image (weight, looks, shame)

What if I told you that I can help you with all of this - and more? What if I could teach you how to remove barriers that are holding you back from peak performance in dancing, from dancing like a star, and setting exciting goals as a ballroom, latin, ballet, or any other kind of dancer?  

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What Is EFT?

I am glad you asked because it just might change your life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also called "tapping", is an alternative body/mind healing and self-improvement method related to acupuncture. Instead of needles, it uses tapping with the fingertips on specific points of the energy meridians while being “tuned in” to body sensations, thoughts and feelings. In other words, it is a form of mindful acupressure. It allows to work with negative physical or emotional intensity - creating the space for positive shifts and wellbeing to occur.

Developed by Gary Craig, EFT is easily learned and flexible enough to be used by anyone, anywhere. In its simplest form, EFT often yields profound results. However, there is an Art of Delivery to the process that can take the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation much further.

EFT is not a clinically proven healing method and does not promise any cures. It works exclusively with the underlying energy patterns of physical or emotional conditions. If you have any concerns regarding your physical or mental health, please contact your licensed health care professional.

I am a certified EFT practitioner who has been using this amazing method with hundreds of clients. Besides working with women and men on their painful childhood exeperiences, I now spezialise in using EFT for dancers.

Now you might ask: In what respect is this approach valuable to dancers?

As I know from my own experience, there are always issues when you are a dedicated dancer. For example:
- Physical pain, discomfort
- Performance anxiety (stage fright) at showcases, recitals, competitions, or professional shows
- “Bad habits” (like a weak frame, your head does not stay left)
- Negative beliefs about yourself (“I am never good enough”)
- Feeling frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, anger, hurt, anxiety
- Relationship conflicts with partners or teachers
- Threshold fear and body shame of beginners
- Whatever else is going on in your life that interferes with your dancing.

EFT can help improve or even eliminate these conditions by working on the underlying energy patterns. In other words, it can be used to feel better about yourself and your performance. In addition, it is an excellent tool for setting goals and finding creative solutions.  (However, EFT is not a substitute for professional dance instruction.)

How to Become a Better Dancer: The Book
An easy-to-follow method for boosting peak performance in dancing

Are you a professional or amateur dancer who is passionate about dancing? Are you proud of what you do and are you continuously striving to improve your skills?

You know, of course, that instruction and practicing are your most important tools. There is, however, an exciting-and easy-way to boost peak performance in dancing. It is called EFT ("tapping").

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a body/mind healing method that uses tapping with the fingertips on specific points of your energy meridians while you are "tuned in" to your thoughts and feelings. In short, EFT is a form of mindful acupressure. It allows you to work with physical discomfort, limiting beliefs, and negative emotional intensity... creating the space for shifts and wellbeing to occur.

This book, written by a certified EFT practitioner who is a ballroom dancer herself, will teach you how to integrate EFT in your practice of dancing. It's easy, it's natural, it's rewarding. Her consultant contributes his expertise from the dance pro's point of view.

"In Carna's book, dance becomes a metaphor for life, as she guides dancers to face and work through such issues as feeling invisible/fear of being seen; loneliness/not belonging; perfectionism/feeling not good enough. The personal stories and case examples really bring the book alive. And we get a bonus -- fascinating comments and perspectives from an accomplished dance teacher, Joseph Hack. I recommend this excellent book to everyone."

"As a Natural Medicine Practitioner and Master EFT Trainer, I am thrilled to find such a detailed and deep book clearly focused on dancing yet giving insight and inspiration to anyone in the performing arts or other physical sports. Carna is an internationally recognized expert in the EFT - energy psychology field and her unique and gifted style shines through in the invaluable scripts which richly lace this book. EFT is presented in such an inviting and instantly accessible manner that absolutely no previous background is necessary."

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