Introducing EFT for dancers.

Hi, my name is Karna Pacharias. I am a certified EFT practitioner who has worked professionally with hundreds of clients, and I am an amateur ballroom dancer. EFT It is an immensely helpful mind/body tool for reaching peak performance in any area and can be used effectively to improve the performance and the overall wellbeing of dancers. EFT tapping with a practitioner may be done effectively over the phone.

In no way is EFT trying to replace the proper instructions by dance professionals. EFT for dancing serves as a reinforcing educational tool, means to support the dancer’s continuous striving for excellence from the angle of energy work and performance psychology.

My teacher and dance consultant is Joseph E. Hack, certified instructor in social, ballroom, latin, and country-western dancing, Master Adjudicator, and professional dancer in Tucson, Arizona.

At Jivenationtoronto we want to give you some of the best nights out, and an unforgettable dancing experience you'll want  to have again and again. Whatever your dancing aims we're here to help and make you feel at home when you come to our classes. You'll find us one of the most social and friendly places you could find. Your dancing experience starts here.

One-on-One coaching is the most effective way to use EFT for peak performance in dancing.
EFT sessions can easily be done over the phone (Don't know how to do EFT? I'll teach you from scratch). They last 60-70 minutes. If you don't have a flat long distance rate, I will call you (USA only). I have Skype.

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Let us help you to become a better dancer.
Let's talk about your challenges and goals!

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